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The top 5 reasons we believe CCTV could be a solution for you are:

  • They are the perfect deterrent, the sight of cameras and proper signage on your property is enough to scare off most criminals, and LIVE CCTV monitoring can prevent them from breaking in. This is useful for large and small businesses alike because we are all targeted by thieves and burglars. Even during day time they can be a usefull tool to aid in training and risk assesment.

  • Our CCTV Surveillance Systems aren't expensive or complicated.  They are low maintainence and high quality units. We offer a variety of sytems for all aplications and are available with price tags that are suitable even for private residential use. One of the great things about the DVRs that we offer is the ability to have multiple units in multiple locations and have access on one screen or thru one application.

  • They are virtually impenetrable, tresspassing upon a complex or business under LIVE CCTV surveillance is nearly impossible. A well set up CCTV system is practically impossible to avoid detection, with multiple cameras keeping an eye on each others’ blind spots in addition to keeping an eye on the most vulnerable areas on your property and business.

  • Remote Access is another great feature of today's CCTV systems. It gives you the option of keeping an eye on your property thru any number of internet capable devices, from computers to smart phones, and even tablets, any time you want or have "that" feeling. In addition to keeping an eye out for criminals, you can also protect yourself against fraud. Another great use is as a training tool to prevent workplace accidents or correct bad habits employees may fall into.

  • Intelligent Property Protection The most important reason why a CCTV surveillance system plays a vital role for a business is simply, because it can! Every business, big or small, has vulnerable areas like high security storage spaces where sensitive data is stored, material storage,tool storage or cash registers, for obvious reasons.One of the most vulnerable places we have seen are unsecured parking lots or material storage areas at night time, weather they are behind fences or inside steel storage bins, they are all vulnerable to a determined criminal. LIVE CCTV surveillance systems let us monitor and prevent such attacks. CCTV systems allows you to monitor and record these areas so they are protected at all times while also providing you with evidence in case something does go wrong. If you pay for security guards to protect your sensitive areas, Active Vision Protection is your answer.

  • We service Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire. Our office is located in Buena Park and we service the surrounding areas including Cypress, Anaheim, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, La Palma, Stanton, Westminster, Midway City, Cerritos, Sante Fe Springs, Norwalk, Los Alamitos, Yorba Linda, & Anaheim Hills with CCTV|Live Video Monitoring|Installs|Surveillance Systems|CCTV Cameras.



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